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Following a year in the life of a young boy named Cole in Tennessee, Trails explores the transition from child to man in a world smothered by poverty, violence, and sexual confusion. Trails was written by Joel and is being produced by Toryn Seabrooks with an expected release date in 2017. You can find more about Toryn's most recent work here.


The Fading - Web Series

What if someone gave you everything you ever wanted? What would you do to keep it? The Fading explores the answer to this question through the vantage point of a large cast of connected characters, each of whom comes in contact with the terrifying figure simply known as, "The Man." As their lives improve, each of The Man's puppets come to realize the terrible cost of their deepest desires.

The Fading is an episodic web series with multiple seasons already scripted. It was co-written by Joel and David Kierski.


Beauty & Demon - Feature Trilogy

In a sleepy Adams, Tennessee local politician Michael Messina retires from the public eye following the wrenching death of his young child. Just as Michael's remaining family begins to settle into their new surroundings, mysterious and inexplicable events begin unfolding around them, all pointing to a centuries-old demonic apparition that has finally returned.

The Beauty & Demon trilogy tracks the Messina family over three horrifying chapters. Each film is distinctly different and expands outward, beginning with a haunted house-style narrative and eventually expanding into a horror epic in the vein of The Stand. As each film drives forward, the viewer falls deeper and deeper into what reveals itself to be the first ghost story ever told.

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Web Content

SEM/SEO | Social Media | Diverse Content Tones & Platforms | Multiple Formats

Over 5 Years Web Content Experience


Notable Clients

  • Blueglass Interactive: Worked remotely for this large content company which allowed me to write for clients like Allstate, Nintendo, and more.
  • Writing for this book culture site gave me experience working with video, nontraditional formats like quizzes, and writing for social media.
  • This writing position let work closely with chefs and authors in both interview and exposé formats. I also wrote directly for social media, developed a comprehensive SEO strategy, and assisted with event marketing.
  • This international video game company initially hired me for scripted reviews, but our relationship expanded into much wider areas. With this brand I wrote a daily, episodic comedic YouTube property which I helped market as well.


Notable Publications & Awards

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  • Awards:
    • Margaret A. Woodruff Award for excellence in Fiction writing in 2012.
    • Two-and-a-half consecutive years of placement on Dean’s List as a Creative Writing undergraduate.


In-World - Published 2012

Can love exist within digital screens? In-World is an unflinching portrayal of two characters struggling to maintain their grasp on each other as one of them falls deeper and deeper into a digital world. It was published in The Rag's Spring 2012 edition.